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“As a powder coater for the past three years, I have had great success with metal products. Now I would like to ask if there is technology available to powder coat glass and ceramics. As a plumber for many years, I have already powder coated faucets for my wife, and would like to explore the powder coating of porcelain closets and lavatories. Thank you for your time and consideration.”


“Powder coatings have been successfully applied to glass bottles and decorative pieces (vases, containers, etc.). No one to my knowledge has tried to powder coat toilets. In may be because the powder finish would not be as good as the original porcelain coating. Many toilet manufactures provide their products in lots of different color finishes that are more durable than powder coating. If you want to try coating toilets, preheat the item to gain thermal attraction of the powder. Then cure them as normal. Good luck.”

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