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“Are there any publications especially concerned with the particle sizes of the powders used in powder coating? I’m interested in preferred particle size distributions. Are the particle size distributions preferrably broad or narrow? It would be very helpful to get some general information about that or to know how I can get some in the scientific literature or maybe in patents. Is there any sort of book that might be called ‘The bible of powder coating’ where I can find something about that problem, or which gives a deep insight in the basics of powder coating? Is there any database on the WWW where I can obtain any kind of information on powder coating? Thank you very much for your help.”


“The book that you want is available from the Powder Coating Institute in Alexandria VA. Call them at (703) 684-1770. Ask for the “Powder Coating Handbook” ($75.00 US plus shipping and handling). It’s a good book and recommend it to anyone interested in getting more information on powder coating. Nick Liberto of Powder Coating Consultants was the Editor and a contributing author.”

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