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“Aerospace manufacturers are being faced with increasingly tougher environmental regulations. We are using more and more High VOC and water based coatings but that is still not enough to meet the environmental regulations. Can you indicate if any powder coatings meet the aerospace industry standards such as Boeing’s BMS 10-11, BMS 10-79, BMS 10-72, BMS 10-60, Canada/Bombardier’s CMS 565-01, CMS 565-02, CMS 565-08, CMS 565-09, CMS 565-10 ? Thank You for your time and consideration.”


“I suggest that you contact the Powder Coating Institute in Alexandria, VA. Telephone number is (703) 684-1770. They may have an answer for you on mil-spec and aerospace-spec type powders. Ask them for their membership information brochure, which includes the names of powder coating formulators, each of whom may have approved materials for your use.”

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